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Mr. Wu es responsable de una serie de tareas, tales comodirigir el Departamento (DESA) y sus divisionesaconsejar al Secretario General acerca de asuntos relacionados con temas sociales, econmicos y referentes al desarrollo sostenibleestablecer vnculos con gobiernos, agencias de Naciones Unidas y organizaciones de la sociedad civilconvocar al comit ejecutivo de Asuntos Econmicos y Sociales, que es la red de Naciones Unidas para acciones colectivas referentes al desarrollovigilar los presupuestos de la Cuenta para el Desarrollo de Naciones Unidas, que financia programas implementados por diferentes entidades dentro de esta organizacin.Mr. Wu es tambin el Secretario General de la Tercera Conferencia Internacional sobre Pequeos Estados Insulares en Desarrollo (SIDS, por sus siglas en ingles).Mr.

The Speed of shopping Power shopping is limitless or at least it feels that way because when you power shop you are moving quickly through the stores. It feels like you aren’t even stopping to look at things but you actually are, you just know how to look quickly and get what you want and get out. It is like running a marathon through the stores without stopping.

Deepak Chopra is another pioneer making leeway in the subject of spirituality, Ayurveda and mind body medicine. When he first began to speak out on the emotion/disease connection people refuse to listen and thought it all to be a bit voo doo ish. Today he runs his own medical center with a focus on mind body connections..

There was a lot of wandering through nature and walking in the woods at the shows this season. At Herms, designerNadge Vanhee Cybulski presented her show in a misty garden at twilight. As guests settled in on benches and warmed themselves with Herms blankets, production assistants raked the red gravel runway until the rocks were just so..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileLike most sunlight deprived geeks, I hold a special closet affection for lists. “Top 10s” and “Best ofs” are so subjective, how can you take them seriously? Still, there’s something comforting about knowing others in the universe share my belief that the Velvet Underground and Nico album deserves a spot somewhere near the top. The British site has just turned five, and accordingly, the list is devoted to spotlighting the Top 50 albums of the past five years.What’s most interesting about the Clash Essential 50 is that in choosing to focus on more current material, Clash manages to come up with some pretty eclectic (and electronic) picks, resulting in a countdown unlike any I’ve seen before.

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